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At Golden Image - Our team is
made up of passionate individuals
who collectively offer their time to developing purpose-driven

The first movement launched
by Golden Image is
What’s My Win!

Latest NewsWhat’s My Win! A Global Movement

We are creating a movement that inspires and encourages others to take small steps that lead to better lifestyle choices. There are no limits to what your win can be. It doesn’t matter how big or small your win is each day, to share is to encourage! It might be as simple as a walk to the mailbox, passing an exam or choosing a healthier snack! We want to invite people everywhere to share their wins with people around the world and be part of creating a movement of change! #whatsmywin

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  • What's My Win?

    Golden Image Enterprises’ What’s My Win (#whatsmywin) is a global movement developed to recognize, celebrate, connect, and reward all those taking steps toward a full meaningful, happy life.
    Golden Image’s What’s My Win movement was launched to recognize and celebrate the importance of finding your own path toward a better you, and embracing the elements that make up each of our lives. Whether it’s focusing on your breathing, standing, walking, hydration or simply helping others. Each of these accomplishments are huge wins, worthy of sharing and motivating others.
    Visit the website at What's My Win.com
  • Higi

    Higi is a unique, in-store and online community engagement platform that allows consumers to track and share biometric and lifestyle data from health stations and third-party devices.
    This cloud-based, Omni-channel platform includes health stations, mobile app and web that provide an FDA and HIPAA compliant, real-time flow of information with multiple screening and tracking modalities.

    Find your nearest higi station at higi.com
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