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Welcome to Golden Image Enterprises

Golden Image Enterprises is a collective of proven communications, marketing, and business development influencers devoted to finding people and projects with life changing purpose and aligning them with global brands willing to support their efforts and benefit from their good will, while elevating awareness and inspiring an authentic, sustainable, and positive impact on society at large.

We have entered an age where awareness is the most valuable global currency; identifying purpose-driven champions of change and incubating their efforts is critical to the future of compassion. Now more than ever do the earth’s agents of change need to align with society’s most influential brands in an effort to build a sustainable transformation; welcome to the Golden Age of change.
Golden Image has built the ultimate empowerment hub where responsible brands and heroic voices can connect, collaborate, and conquer. From boots on the ground community awareness campaigns to shifting global consciousness, with the help of the collective’s powerful entertainment, music, wellness, and business relationships, no mission is too big or small for Golden Image; the only requirements for engagement are passion, commitment, and purpose.

Management Team


John Collins


As a true Entrepreneur, John’s underlying mission is changing lives. Success is the byproduct of his passion! His authenticity is refreshing and inspiring to all of us at GIE. As a global powerhouse, he continues to create and inspire greatness on every level of business, humanitarian efforts and personal achievements.


Paul Ring


As president of GIE, Paul’s strong background in the industry and multi-faceted artistic talents give him the ability to lead his team all the way to victory! As a Grammy-winning engineer with the classic “Boogie Ooogie Oogie”, by Taste of Honey, he brings the creative flow needed to launch movements that will sustain through time and shape history.


Lisa Collins


Lisa is fearlessly authentic! She embraces life whole heartedly, while accepting change and posturing herself to move into it. She brings her expertise and artistic flare to our team while always keeping us laughing! Lisa’s passion is all about creating and implementing solutions not only on a planetary level but more importantly in the lives of everyday people to help empower change.


Jed Wallace


Founder of Street Relations, Inc., Jed Wallace is armed with an extensive background in creative business development, fortified by a Bachelor of Science Degree from New York’s Fordham University, where he excelled as an athlete and a distinguished member of the Pre-Med Honor Society. Mr. Wallace has spent the last 15 years successfully incubating and growing a diverse collection of startup companies, while helping several Fortune 500 companies achieve media goals by developing and implementing groundbreaking communications, Marketing, PR, media, and street level brand strategies.

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