A Few Facts:

Darren will be doing his Journey Across America to raise awareness about health, wellness and fitness issues important to all of us.

Daily live streaming and social media engagement to over 2 Million engaged followers with a projected pickup of 3 Million new social media followers along the way. National television exposure, access to 245M people living 5 miles from higi assessment kiosk, exposure to millions taking vitals daily.

Higi health assessment kiosks will be utilized along the way to check vital signs, provide meeting points for fans and press opportunities in key retail locations.

Celebrities, leading CEOs, and everyday people will be joining Darren throughout the run for a few steps or a few miles.

Due to Darren’s high-profile status in the public eye, national and local media will continuously cover the ”Will he make it or won’t he?” drama inherent in this monumental attempt.