What’s My Win?

Golden Image Enterprises’ What’s My Win (#whatsmywin) campaign is a global initiative developed to recognize, celebrate, connect, and reward all those taking steps toward a full meaningful, happy life. Golden Image’s What’s My Win initiative was launched to recognize and celebrate the importance of finding your own path toward a better you, and embracing the elements that make up each of our lives. Whether it’s focusing on your breathing, standing, walking, hydration or simply helping others.  Each of these accomplishments are huge wins, worthy of sharing and motivating others. With Golden Image’s What’s My Win initiative, strategic partners, celebrities, musicians, media personalities, and initiative supporters will be promoting #whatsmywin across all social media platforms to find, recognize, and reward individuals around the world for their wellness wins. The moment an individual shares their win with #whatsmywin on social media and tags Golden Image Enterprises in their post, they become eligible to receive discounts, downloads, and prizes from strategic partners supporting the initiative. In an effort to encourage, not intimidate, the What’s My Win initiative exists to inspire humans to find their own wins regardless of where they are on their respective journey. As long as it is one positive step toward wellness, it is a win for us all. Golden Image initiatives are designed to raise awareness about health and wellness by challenging participants to take a proactive role in their own transformation by simply participating in daily tasks designed to inform and inspire. The Golden Image team is anxious for everyone to share their personal wins using the #whatsmywin hash tag.   Visit the website at What’s My Win